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Who are we?

Staton Media is a publisher’s best friend in convention destinations throughout North America and beyond.

We represent your individual projects under a collective umbrella of special event print and video services. In doing so, we provide you with volume buying power, familiarity and a consistent price anywhere in the world.

How can we help you?

Staton Media has paved a new road for the printed Show Daily by bringing it to life with ShowDaily TV™.

Now the message of your advertisers, exhibitors, and executives will live on, long past the dates of your event.


The traditional Show Daily brings current to-the-day relevant news to your attendee’s hotel room door and meeting center. Learn more:


ShowDaily TV™ is a video account of the traditional printed Show Daily. Stories are alive...details

LIVE On-site Reporting
Camera crews and nationally-known TV news anchors capture LIVE news and interviews...

Let It Roll
Soon after they’re recorded, the edited Newscasts are broadcast and viewed on strategically...