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Staton Media is a publisher’s best friend in convention destinations throughout North America and beyond. We represent your individual projects under a collective umbrella of special event print and video services. In doing so, we provide you with volume buying power, familiarity and a consistent price anywhere in the world.

How can we help you?

Staton Media has paved a new road for the printed Show Daily by bringing it to life with ShowDaily TV™. Now the message of your advertisers, exhibitors, and executives will live on, long past the dates of your event.

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The traditional Show Daily brings current and relevant news to the convention floor, attendee’s hotel room door, and meeting center. From record-breaking 256-pages to a 4-page brief, our team has brought the concept to the mainstream and has been doing so since 1986.

While overnight custom printing has grown into an expected presence at most conventions, finding the right facility remains imperative to its success. Not only are the Staton printing plants positioned conveniently to most primary and secondary convention destinations throughout North America, they are also pre-qualified through the Vendor Relations Program to meet the rigorous demands of Show Daily printing. Under all circumstances the Staton Show Daily is prioritized over all other workloads throughout the entire plant, from prep through delivery. A tremendous volume of Staton projects ensures clients competitive pricing from even the most advanced facility.

Possibly the most utilized printed tool available to a meeting or event, directories enjoy an envious longevity with exhibitors, attendees, and vendors. Extend copy deadlines with Staton Media’s DestinationPrinting™ service or discover Video Directory for an even greater reach.

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ShowFloor, Program Guides & More
Most facilities offer savings by keeping on-site printing under one roof. Staton Media takes a giant step toward efficiency by maintaining the one-roof-theory while also treating each individual print project as unique by placing it in the right print facility, all the while enjoying buying-power muscle.

Staton Media project managers stringently monitor time-critical schedules. As files arrive at the plant, proofs are checked for accuracy and approved. Project managers also conduct press-checks, manage delivery, and spot-check distribution of your Show Daily.

Design & Layout
Staton Media designers are available to assist you with the design and layout of your Show Daily. Whether we simply color correct digital files onsite and drop live editorial into your existing format, or develop an entirely new look from scratch, we provide the right people with the right skills.

Press Room
Need a place to hang your hat? Staton Media planners will diagram your pressroom footprint to include tables, chairs, workstations, computers, printers, internet, fax, and phones, plus we will book and manage all of these arrangements. Other services also include office supplies and catering.

Professional staff is available in many areas of expertise including: desktop publishing, photography, writing or reception and secretarial support to name a few.

Hotel door drops, bus distribution, news racks, bins and handout personnel add to the dramatic impact and visibility of a successful Show Daily. Staton’s experienced staff of project managers will check-in with each delivery point on a daily basis to ensure your Show Daily ends up in the right place at the right time.

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Go Green
Together we can do our part to protect the environment. Print your publication on recycled paper, a percentage of PCW (Post Consumer Waste) or you may want to consider selecting paper that is FSC Certified (the Forest Stewardship Council). This small effort helps support stringent requirements designed to promote responsible use of our forest resources.

Staton Media recommends using eco-friendly soy and vegetable based inks, a renewable resource and alternative to petroleum-based inks.

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ShowdailyTV ShowDaily TV

ShowDaily TV™ is a video account of the traditional printed Show Daily. Stories are alive with reporters, news, sponsors and advertisers. Commercials, infomercials, advertorials and Rich Media replace print advertisements. All issues are posted to websites of your choice or we can host it and keep record of every “hit” and download.

LIVE On-site Reporting
Camera crews and professional TV news anchors capture LIVE news and interviews throughout your event; on the tradeshow floor, in registration areas, breakout meetings, and off-site venues.

Industry insiders and experts are interviewed about what to expect at the show and can offer special interest stories and exhibitor product information as well. An on-site TV studio makes for a high profile display while your show simultaneously reaches a global market via web uploads.

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Let it Roll
Soon after they’re recorded, the edited Newscasts are broadcast and viewed on strategically placed kiosks, corporate theaters, monitors placed throughout the convention center, hotel private channels, predetermined websites, and even mobile devices.

Very much like the evening newscast you see on television, Staton Media Newscasts contain multiple stories of varying depth; however, our stories are all relevant to your attendees and your event’s objectives.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Each Newscast is available for sponsorship and featured placement of on-screen banners, sound clips, logos, interviews, and Rich Media. Existing video commercials or advertorials may also be incorporated into the Newscasts both for onsite viewing and uploading to the hosting website.

Staton Media will work with your sponsors and ad team, or directly with your exhibitors to secure featured stories, product launches, advertorial, and publicity opportunities.

At the same time video is rolling on-site, Newscasts are uploaded to a pre-designed website for viewing, interaction, and made ready for global collaboration. At this point, not only can attendees view newscasts on-site, but they can see it online from their hotel room or anywhere in the world. This encourages world-wide participation from all interested parties including universities, related companies or news outlets on a global level.

Daily News Updates
Newscasts are produced each day so there are always fresh stories on-site and on the web. The hosting website retains all the stories online chronologically, so anyone can catch up at anytime.

Advance capture
Video material is gathered in advance and incorporated into the on-site Newscasts to offer better topic depth. If the level of interest warrants, interviews may be scheduled on location days in advance of the event.

Partnering with industry writers, editors and researchers is a convenient way to achieve expert commentary. Staton interviews are always fresh, and feature the relevant information that your attendees are seeking. Interviews are often spontaneous in order to capture an honest and impromptu response; however, some interviews are scripted to offer a more formal and in-depth perspective. Either way, Staton producers are available to coach people with their on-camera presentations.

Script Writing Photo

Script Writing
Advance scripting is often required, particularly when the data is highly technical. The Staton Media objective is to report the news accurately every single time. Prior to Newscasts being released, we encourage clients to provide a technical advisor in order to ensure that specific details are accurately reported.

Bar none, Staton Media producers are the key to the success of ShowDaily TV™. With years of network and affiliate producer credits to their names, watch them work and you will see why they are the best in the business.

Anchors and Reporters
Staton Media’s anchors and reporters are experienced professionals from traditional television and cable news channels. You may recognize many of them from local and national television stations.

If you have a specific celebrity talent in mind, Staton Media will retain them at your request. Sports figures and announcers, prime-time news and cable anchors, and reality TV hosts are just a few of the possibilities.

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Web & Mobile Web & Mobile Photo

Mobile Updates
Mobile advertising effectively reaches desirable demographics far more efficiently than ever before possible. Although still in its infancy, .MOBI is here-and-now at Staton Media.

Attendees are invited to sign up for mobile announcements including emergencies, meeting room changes, local weather reports, reminders, news broadcasts and more. Webcasts are also available for viewing and listening on video-ready mobile devices.

Webcast postings
Webcasts are uploaded to a pre-determined website (yours or Staton Media links) for immediate viewing, interaction and global collaboration. Not only can attendees view Webcasts on-site, but also online or from their hotel rooms. Perhaps most astounding is that literally anyone anywhere in the world can view and interact with the Webcast via blog, IM or e-mail on the website and link directly to an advertiser’s virtual front door. This promotes a global buyer-seller relationship that reaches far beyond those in attendance.

Online real-time surveys with 1 – 5 questions may be embedded on the website soliciting feedback from viewers, requesting levels of interest and their impact, or by simply asking them if they plan to attend the next event. These real-time survey results are invaluable to advertisers, sponsors, and meeting planners.

A New Entity
After your tradeshow, meeting or convention, your custom Newscasts and relevant messages will remain available on ShowDailyTV.com, updated at your request. Unlike the printed Show Daily, however, advertising and sponsorships remain available for purchase. It’s like a never ending Show Daily…the content is fixed, but the advertising space remains available.

Staton Media will maintain this collaborative global website as it grows and evolves into an ongoing, useable resource. New advertisers can be added, Newscasts updated, blogs referenced, Rich Media and Sponsors featured. This is where your message will live on and on.

A search engine will allow visitors to pull up information of interest, and what will be a fresh surprise is that only relevant information and Newscasts will appear. This is not your typical WEB search of sifting through pages of junk for tidbits of relevance. It hits the target every time.

Share your thoughts, ideas and experiences within a relevant forum. Industry topics are introduced as are general discussion areas.

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Video Brochures
Video Brochures are to ShowDaily TV™ what printed brochures are to the traditional Show Daily – a promotional piece that is succinct in language and eye-catching in design.


Unlike the traditional print brochure which is often used as an insert, Video Brochures can be commercials, advertorials, video newscasts, and interviews.Placed between Newscasts on pre-qualified websites, news outlets, and event-sponsored media outlets, Video Brochures become a high-visibility marketing tool, easily accessible to the target audience.

Staton Media will help exhibitors and advertisers storyboard their Video Brochure to reflect an existing print campaign or branding message. Shooting can be done both in advance and onsite to capture the energy of an industry event. Sponsors may also provide their own pre-existing Video Brochures. Either way, the Video Brochure will enhance a brand with versatile usability and revenue-efficient longevity.

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Video Directories
Staton Media’s customized Video Directories allow Newscasts and Rich Media to be linked to an online directory that may be accessed via your website or ours until the next year’s show date. Your advertisements will reach a much larger audience, extend the life of your message, and enhance the value of your advertising investment.

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