ShowDaily TV™ can be produced at any event or tradeshow in the world. It offers a fresh, innovative approach to satisfying the needs of advertisers while opening new revenue streams for Publishers.


Whether you are selling 30, 60 or 90 second spots or have a triple, double or single corporate sponsor, ShowDaily TV™ Newscasts offer up-to-date industry news surrounded by relevant advertising.

ShowDaily TV™ is continuously presented on-site by using strategically placed kiosks and corporate theater locations on the show floor. In addition, Newscasts are uploaded to the web for immediate viewing anywhere in the world.

Various packages are available and offer a “fixed cost” enabling you to know exactly what you are working with up front. Unlike traditional Show Dailies, ShowDaily TV™ reaches a world-wide audience, and its message is continuously available on your web-site or ours. Imagine the buzz of excitement as news teams work the show floor interviewing industry leaders and experts, creating a custom newscast with your brand on the title banners and fly-bys.

Our staff will offer support to your sales team so that they may better explain what your advertisers should expect from ShowDaily TV™. Additionally, our producers will ensure that the final commercial, advertorial or interview gets the right message across to the end viewers.

Your advertisers may choose to use their own Rich Media or allow our team to produce it for them. Either way, you give your final approval before newscasts are released.

Contact us today, and we’ll begin creating your ShowDaily TV™ experience. We can provide the assistance that you need to be on the cutting edge of event publishing.