Rich Media

Video Brochures are to ShowDaily TV™ what printed brochures are to the traditional Show Daily – a promotional piece that is succinct in language and eye-catching in design. Unlike the traditional print brochure which is often used as an insert, Video Brochures can be commercials, advertorials, video newscasts, and interviews. Placed between Newscasts on pre-qualified websites, news outlets, and event-sponsored media outlets, Video Brochures become a high-visibility marketing tool, easily accessible to the target audience.

Staton Media will help exhibitors and advertisers storyboard their Video Brochure to reflect an existing print campaign or branding message. Shooting can be done both in advance and onsite to capture the energy of an industry event. Sponsors may also provide their own pre-existing Video Brochures. Either way, the Video Brochure will enhance a brand with versatile usability and revenue-efficient longevity.

Video Directories

Staton Media’s customized Video Directories allow Newscasts and Rich Media to be linked to an online directory that may be accessed via your website or ours until the next year’s show date. Your advertisements will reach a much larger audience, extend the life of your message, and enhance the value of your advertising investment.