Mobile Updates

Mobile advertising effectively reaches desirable demographics far more efficiently than ever before.


Although still in its infancy, MOBI is here-and-now at Staton Media. Attendees are invited to sign up for mobile announcements including emergencies, meeting room changes, local weather reports, reminders, news broadcasts, and more. Webcasts are also available for viewing and listening on video-ready mobile devices.

Webcast Postings.

Webcasts are uploaded to a pre-determined website (yours or Staton Media links) for immediate viewing, interaction, and global collaboration.


Not only can attendees view Webcasts on-site, but also online or from their hotel rooms. Perhaps most astounding is that literally anyone anywhere in the world can view and interact with the Webcast via blog, IM or e-mail on the website and link directly to an advertiser’s virtual front door. This promotes a global buyer-seller relationship that reaches far beyond those in attendance.

After your tradeshow, meeting or convention, your custom Newscasts and relevant messages will remain available on, updated at your request. Unlike the printed Show Daily, however, advertising and sponsorships remain available for purchase.

Staton Media will maintain this collaborative global website as it grows and evolves into an ongoing, useable resource. New advertisers can be added, Newscasts updated, blogs referenced, Rich Media and Sponsors featured. This is where your message will live on and on. more

Online real-time surveys with 1 – 5 questions may be embedded on the website soliciting feedback from viewers, requesting levels of interest and their impact, or simply asking them if they plan to attend the next event.

Share your thoughts, ideas and experiences within a relevant forum. Industry topics are introduced as are general discussion areas.